S.U.C. Suntem Un Colectiv

S.U.C. was founded in 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with the fortunate meeting of several art students from all over Europe coming for an Erasmus program…

Suntem Un Colectiv or “We Are a Collective”, coincidentaly meaning “juice” in Romanian, is a manifest of the multicultural exchange and the creative burst we experienced during our short stay.

We started off with seven of us performing in the streets with the “Flash Performances”. At the end of each one we were calling people, any people who wanted to join. We didn’t know yet what was our next goal or what would be created from this… but people came, and we all discussed about projects, wants, fears, community and creativity… and all together we tried to grow S.U.C. give it meaning.

By the end of our school year, with a group and of more than 25 people made of erasmus and local students, professionals and teachers, European and non European, we created performances, expos, street art, collaborations… and we made a lot of friends.

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