Le Patin

Frédéric is a shy young man who earns a living managing multiple odd jobs. At night he works at a hotel by the railway station with Mario, a ladies’ man in search of the ideal woman. When Mario tells him the story of his encounter with a mysterious hotel guest, Frédéric decides to make his move as well.

Graduation Film by Faustine CRESPY

INSAS Production

Set Design, Graphic Poster and End Chredit : Nikko Noirhomme

Directing : Faustine CRESPY

Scenario : Faustine CRESPY

Script : Nina HADITALAB

Image : Charlotte BOHN

Sound : Edith HERREGODS

Editing : Stéphanie MERKEN

Sound editing : Stéphanie MERKEN

Mixing : Guillaume DESMET

Music : Lucie FAUBEL

Set design : Nikko NOIRHOMME, Victoria VANDERMEERSCH

Props : Justine DELY

Cast :

Frédéric – Marouan Iddoub

Mario – Egon Di Mateo

Lise – Stéphanie Lowette

La femme au patin – Sylvia Dierckx

My position : Set design, motion graphics and poster design



The Sets : before and after

Making the poster

End Credit

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