Dance creation, June 2012

Personne(s) is the gathering of several generations of people who explore in peaceful coexistence the consciousness of self and the other. It is a proposal of a collective research questionning through artistic gestures fundamental questions inherent in all humans : life, death, and memory .
A live experience, a danced experience…

A project developped and directed by Thierry Thieû Niang
Choreographer: Thierry Thieû Niang
With the artistic collaboration of : Bastien Lefèvre
Lights : Reynaldo Ramperssad

Avec : Ahlam Arektoute – Karine Banga – Annette Baussart – Pierrette Bernard – Marie Camoin – Loutfi Chama – Cécile Cozzolino – Alexandro Deboeck – Damien Degaudine – Mohamed El Khaled – Blerina Islijami – Nailé Islijami – Maxime Jeune – Marcelle Masquelier – Lisa Moyson – Lucas Moyson – Sacha Moyson – Coraline Nanga Pauchard – Nikko Noirhomme – Laurent Roekens – Louis Smet.

A creation by the Théâtre Les Tanneurs in collaboration with the CPAS de la Ville de Bruxelles and la Comédie de Valence – Centre Dramatique National Drôme-Ardèche